“The management team at J. Anderson & Associates experienced challenges bringing the ‘right’ people on board, due to a number of things including temperament, culture, but largely due to understanding the past performance of each individual and how to encourage individual growth in the executive recruitment profession in various locales. So, we solicited the Road of Success Coaching & Counseling team to assist with assessing talent for long-term viability in this professional space. While consulting with Ed and Rose at Road of Success, along with J. Anderson’s management, we developed a strategy to measure the temperament of each individual employee, helping us to understand past and future performance tendencies and capabilities. We then set out to assess the temperament of our employees from a business perspective, to learn how to interact and encourage individual success. The results were astounding! We learned how to manage each employee based on their own capabilities and strengths. We were also able to help them improve on their weaker tendencies. By doing this, we had the best year to-date (2011). We are looking to hire additional employees and will need Road of Success to help us further assess capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of our growing team. We believe that this tool is necessary in helping us achieve the business and personal success we are expecting in 2012 and beyond.”
James A. Smith (CEO) J. Anderson & Associates

We came to the Dean's for pre-marital counsel a few years back because I had worked with Rose and Ed at the same church we all attended before I met Theo and believed they would be a great fit for us. I got to know them both as genuinely caring people and really enjoyed their company whenever I was around the two of them. Rose had counseled me through a bad marriage and helped give me the courage to walk away with dignity and assurance that God would provide. Over a year later, Theo and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration and began going out together to different events and places even though we lived in separate states at the time. We had both been married before for many years and when we considered marriage again to each other; we learned we had some “real life” conflicts to work out. The Deans gave us really good insight regarding family issues and how to work through them. We each have two children, mine were grown with families of their own and Theo’s twins had just started college. My siblings were all out of state while most of Theo’s family lived on the same block he did. Theo’s siblings and parents worked together (literally), while my siblings all had separate professions and interests and we didn’t see each other much although we all got along fine and kept in touch. His parents remained married for 55 plus years while mine had divorced after 25 plus years. Both our fathers had died. Even though we were an older couple (but not old!), and had seen a few things in our life, we still had our own ways and thoughts about what marriage and family should be and now that we were both divorced, we believed we both knew better this time around. The Dean's worked together as a team to assess our temperaments using the TAP test, gave us an understanding about ourselves and each other and discussed the underlying causes and behaviors that had us in turmoil at times. Their knowledge of the Word of God was quite evident as they encouraged us to apply God’s way into situations. They counseled us together and individually at times, Rose with me and Ed with Theo. Their style of approaching matters head-on without condemnation or judgment is admirable and their spiritual insight inspired us to take their words and wisdom to heart, applying it to our everyday relationship with one another and to resolve matters that would arise. They have the ability to “tell it like it is” with a quiet boldness, yet humor and laughter was never withheld either. We appreciated their honesty which helped us to grow. We could tell that they really did care about us working through our issues and that they truly enjoyed helping others. Not only did we get married, the Deans officiated our wedding and have become close friends and dear to our hearts. We continue to use the tools they gave us and occasionally touch base with them for guidance.
Suzanne & Theo Nix

COUNSELING IN BUSINESS MATTERS: I am corporate counsel for a Fortune 100 global company with offices in 70 countries where I am legally responsible for a $3.4 billion spend department. I am also an entrepreneur. Business matters can be unpredictable at times and with the changes in the economy the last couple years, some business decisions went awry. I had counseled with Ed regarding my business ventures and ideas several times. I learned that one should never make a major business decision during a “mourning” period as I had purchased a business shortly after my father died which resulted in a roller coaster of successes and failures, economically and relationally with my business partner and with my wife. Ed gave sound advice with this situation along with various options to divest my interest in that business venture. I am still in the process of divesting but things are looking up and will be fully resolved in the near future. Ed has uncanny discernment as to what one should look for in a partnership and has counseled me in another business situation where he revealed troubling character traits in my partner that I had overlooked. I have taken his advice and terminated that business relationship which has brought me more peace and freed up time to do other things more productive and successful. Ed is a former high level executive for a major corporation and he brings a unique, visionary and holistic approach to business that few people have and along with his spiritual discernment he has a savvy business acumen and business intelligence that benefited me immensely. I will continue to seek his counsel in the future for other business deals I am contemplating.
Theophilus R. Nix, Jr., Esq.