how we provide coaching & counseling

The Road of Success Coaching/Counseling, LLC is a newly formed small corporation located in Long Branch, New Jersey, that has been established to provide Coaching and Counseling services to both small & large businesses, as well as Clinical Counseling to individuals and families focusing on crisis and abuse, substance and addiction, sexual therapy, integrated marriage and family child and adolescent. Its formation is geared to bring Coaching/Counseling services to business owners and business leaders; to assist businesses with understanding behavior tendencies of individuals, when the dynamics of stress & pressure on the business, also impacts the employee(s). A basis for determination can be made as a result of the services provided, to assess the suitability of the individual(s) assigned to the position(s).

The effective use of the Temperament Analysis Profile (TAP) tool is a beneficial tool in the application and discovery of behavior tendency, when needs are not being met (whether business objectives or personal needs). The purpose or goal of the individual (s) is to recognize one’s strength and/or a weakness that is inherent to the temperament.

The TAP tool is the bridge that can provide visibility and insight into effective employee/manager positioning. Some degree of Coaching/Counseling, based on the TAP Tool, with business owners and leaders can be an effective portal that serve as an indicator of the potential reaction/behavior of individuals under stress and pressure when it occurs.

The dynamics of today's constant evolving business environment success is determined by rapid adaption to necessary changes, and having knowledgeable insight of strengths and weakness of managers & employees in key positions.

  • The power of the Temperament Tool exercised is instrumental in providing leadership insight into the individual’s temperament tendencies as it pertains to strengths and weaknesses in the evaluation process.
  • The Temperament Tool contributes to effective Coaching and counseling as it magnifies the individual’s temperament tendencies (i.e. strengths and weaknesses). These identified tendencies contribute to making effective change’s possible.
  • Having the knowledge of the temperament helps management to understand and identify an individual’s temperament tendencies when they’re under stress and pressure; what the individual is experiencing could impact their ability to make appropriate or inappropriate decisions. It is advantageous to have this type of insight into the potential behavior of an individual.
  • Having exercised and applied the knowledge of the Temperament Tool can be proven beneficial to many different types of businesses that are employee reliant.

The successful business enterprise that is able to maximize efficiencies is anchored to being able to identify highly motivated individuals that are capable of rapidly adapting to necessary changes and training. The Road of Success Coaching/Counseling, LLC encourages those business enterprises looking to improve upon its business efficiencies to receive the TAP Tool briefing that will allow personal insight into the advantages of utilizing the tool.

The corporation is also clinically counseling focused, to meet the many different types of individual and family counseling needs that are emanating out of tremendous societal, cultural, marital, and economic stress and pressure driven issues, and unmet needs.

The above observation of the effectiveness of utilizing the TAP tool in performing coaching and counseling in small and/or large businesses is equally appropriate in performing clinical counseling.