about the owners

The Road of Success Coaching/Counseling, LLC is a newly formed small corporation located in Long Branch, New Jersey, that has been established to provide Coaching/Counseling services to both small & large businesses, as well as Clinical Counseling to individuals and families. Its formation is geared to bring Coaching/Counseling services to business owners and leaders; to assist businesses with understanding behavior tendencies of individuals, when the dynamics of stress & pressure on the business, also impacts the employee(s). A basis for determination can be made as a result of the services provided, to assess the suitability of the individual(s) assigned to the position(s).

It is also Clinically Counseling focused, to meet the many different types of individual and family counseling needs that are emanating out of tremendous societal, cultural, marital, and economic stress and pressure driven issues, and unmet needs. There are numerous different types of Social and governmental Institutions, judicial and private agencies, (e. g. Dyfus, Jewish Renaissance Center, local law enforcement organizations, etc.) that are seeking the services of effective counseling organizations to assist them in meeting the overwhelming needs of troubled individuals and families they are attempting to service.

The founders and owners of the corporation are certified and licensed Doctors of Psychology in Clinical Christian Counseling that is professionally associated with the National Christian Counseling Association. They and others in the organization have Board Certification Certificates in the following areas:

  • Crisis and Abuse Therapy
  • Substance & Addition Therapy
  • Sexual Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy & Ethics
  • Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Therapy
  • Group Therapy

The founders and owners of the corporation are also graduates from Los Angeles State University, Los Angeles, California, and Pepperdine University, Malibu, California. The founders collectively have 38 years of experience as a senior corporate level manager in the Aerospace Industry, with a respective 13 years of management experience in the Airline Industry.

The Coaching/Counseling focus of the corporation is leveraging its knowledge base of the Temperament Analysis Profile (TAP) tool to provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of individuals.

The effective use of the TAP tool is an advantageous tool in the application of discovery of behavior tendency in the individual's strengths and weakness.

The TAP tool is the bridge that can provide visibility into the advantages and insight into effective employee/manager positioning.


“The management team at J. Anderson & Associates experienced challenges bringing the ‘right’ people onboard, due to a number of things including temperament, culture, but largely due to understanding the past performance of each individual and how to encourage individual growth in the executive recruitment profession in various locales.

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